Precautionary measures for COVID-19 have been implemented and reinforced on our property in order to protect our guests and staff from a possible infection:


A. Mandatory temperature checks for all guests and staff.  

B. Health declaration form is required to be filled in by all hotel guests upon check-in. 

C. All hotel residents are required to check their body temperature daily. 

D. All on duty staff are required to wear surgical masks while on property and maintain good personal hygiene. 

E. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is provided at reception counter for all guests and staff.

F.  Disinfection of hotel public areas will be carried out every 2 hours including but not limited to all elevators, lift lobbies and door handles. 

G. Regular and proper maintenance of all drainage pipes and drain outlets (U-traps).

H. Regular cleaning and disinfection of air filters and air conditioning systems.

I.   Hours of operation of our facility services may be changed from time to time without notice subject to  the latest disease prevention measures   

     announced by HKSAR. 

 Please contact us at +(852) 2912 6777 (tel.) or (email) for more details.