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No.9 Pak Sha Wan Street
Sai Kung, Hong Kong
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Near By Attractions

Trio Beach

Trio Beach is a hidden paradise awaiting your exploration. Only private Kaito, a private and small motorized ferry, provides limited access to this lovely yet remoted beach. Except the tranquility and clear water, Trio Beach is well-equipped with barbeque site and other recreational facilities, where families may enjoy a wonderful afternoon.

AFCD Lions Nature Education Centre

Situated at Tsiu Hang Special Area, Lions Nature Education Centre is a 16-hectare Centre consisting of five exhibition halls and some outdoor featured zones. The Centre promotes nature education, field studies and eco-tours for the public, enhancing your understanding about the nature in Hong Kong.

Pak Sha Wan Bodhisattva Guanyin Temple

Pak Sha Wan used to be a fishing village, where the residents believed that Bodhisttva Guanyin would protect them in the sea. The temple has been established for almost a century, in which a signature bronze bell was made in 1919, displaying the artwork of fishing village culture.

Pak Sha Wan Tam Wah Ching Sea Activity Centre

Pak Sha Wan Tam Wah Ching Sea Activity Center is located at the beautiful port of Pak Sha Wan. The Center provides outdoor camping and sea activities training, like canoe, dragon boat and sailing, which is well-equipped for Weekend Retreat, Company Excursion and Group Workshop.

Hebe Haven Yacht Club

The Hebe Haven Yacht Club, established in 1963, has been providing yachting and boating facilities for more than half of a century. The Club’s blue ribbon racing event is the Typhoon Series, which is the biggest summer regatta in Hong Kong attracting a significant number of entrants from all over Hong Kong every year.